Friday, May 1, 2009

Morning at the Park

We had our buddy Aaron over the other day, and since it was gorgeous out, we went to the park.
The kids picked dandelions from the neighbor's yard. You're welcome, neighbor Ingrid!

Owen is big enough to do some playing on his own this year. It's great!
Snack time!

My children love the sand volleyball court. It's the hugest sandbox ever! This is my child...

...the one who has difficulty eating sprinkle donuts. I'm not kidding. This happened this week. After every bite of his sprinkle donut, Owen would run to me, whining, holding out his fingers to show me the 3 sprinkles stuck to his fingertips. I had to wipe them off before he could resume eating.
Sprinkles = bad
Sand = good

Checking out the dead fish they found in the grass. Sophie asked, "Is he going to come alive again?" (We've been talking a lot about Jesus lately!)

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Suzanne said...

So where on earth did the fish come from???? Cute pictures!