Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cubbies Awards Night

Yesterday was the last night for Wednesday evening church activities for the season. We had a big awards ceremony for all the kids in programs on Wednesday nights, and Sophie's Cubbies group was included. The kids each got called up to the stage by name to receive their award for completing their book. This meant that they memorized and recited all the verses to their teacher throughout the year. They received a small stuffed "Cubbie Bear" to wear on their blue vests.
Here, Meg, Sophie and Gavan are waiting for our group's turn.
All the 3 & 4-year old Cubbies stood on the risers to sing the Cubbies song and recite two verses for the crowd of older kids and families.

Notice my child, the one not doing the actions. Also notice the pantleg hiked up higher than the other. I also just noticed that her patches are sewed onto the letter "C" instead of the "A" like the all other kids. I don't think it matters, but too late now!

Sophie was on the front riser due to her name (alphabetical) rather than her height. But I imagine this is the beginning of a lot of front-row pictures for our puny kid. I was always in the front row too!


gianna said...

the one time maya actually does the actions is when EVERYONE is watching. i so wanted her to cover her ears like she so frustratingly did each night before!


At least to sewed the patches on. Elsa's in done, Brenna's is missing half (they are in my to do drawer. Poor Levi and Isaiah, is there any hope....