Wednesday, March 24, 2010

J's Baby Shower

I hosted a baby shower/ladies retreat at my house this past weekend for my dear college girlfriends, J being the guest of honor.  Her husband is an engineer (do I have that right??), and as this first baby of theirs is a boy, I went with a construction theme. 
(Sorry for the dark picture!)
The caution tape made more than one person nervous as they approached the house last weekend.  A neighbor was quite uncertain about knocking at the door or not, so I finally had to take it down.
Construction wrapping paper, courtesy of Target!  Perfect!
Some of the "Warning" signs I found online.  I especially liked the "open hole" one.
There was no shortage of treats!

L & V (they spent the night --we were up until 1:30 am...I'm still paying for that)
L & L (they couldn't sleep over, but they stayed plenty late!)
L & J (the pregnant lady...isn't she cute?...the non-swollen ankles part, anyway)
L brought this book to share with us.  It was given to her grandmother when she was pregnant with L's mom.  The copyright is from the 1930's, I think.  The advice was a bit, um, outdated...and totally hilarious!  It's a wonder we have all lived to be mothers ourselves!
For instance, one bit of advice was on making milk for a baby (for non-breastfeeders).  If I have it right, it was 15 oz cow's milk/17 oz water/8 tsp sugar.  We were all stunned about how obsessive we get about buying the right baby formula now!  Amazing!
More good treats.  Friends who were unable to make it may appreciate knowing that the "brotherhood" made an appearance!
And this was all AFTER we had Vietnamese take-out!  We ate ourselves silly.
V orchestrated a madlib for the occassion.  It was super funny!

Those of us who attended, and some who were unable to, got together to get J a Bjorn carrier. 
We also each wrote little encouraging notes/ quotes/ scripture/ prayers that we clothespinned to the Bjorn.  That way, when J wears the Bjorn with the baby in it someday, she'll also be wearing our encouragement (though she will have removed all the little notes by then!). 
J also got other baby gifts.
We can't wait to meet the little baby that will be getting to use all that fun stuff!
We love you, J!
And K, K & L, we missed you guys!

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