Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Little Zoo

The kids and I took our first trip of the year to the little zoo.  It was drizzly and foggy out, so we wore our rain boots and rain coats, took our umbrellas, and we stepped in every puddle we could reach.  I think Owen liked the monkeys the best.

The baby orangutan

Snack break!  (Owen put his own boots on)

Headed to the conservatory

Throwing coins into the naked-lady fountain--I was discrete and only photographed her ankles.

The sunken garden.  My favorite!  Spring was in there!

Sophie liked the pink flowers the best.  And the purple...and the red.

Taking a little break

She's five now!  Doesn't she look it?!

Last stop (before lunch) was the new-ish kids play room.

We lingered over the water a long time!


Florida Family of Four said...

Love the pictures! I don't know how you guys fit all your adventures in. Logan has the exact same guitar shirt Owen has on- cute!

Wendy said...

Where can I get me a pair of bug-eyed green frog boot? Those totally ROCK!

And I'm with Janelle, where DO you find the time???