Sunday, March 14, 2010

The State Capitol

We took our kids to see the State Capitol this weekend.  We parked fairly far away in FREE parking, and then Greg and I had to schlep the kids up the hill.  But we made it!  See them?

There they are!

Sophie thought this building looked like a castle (which is why we took her!)

Checking out the big star in the middle of the floor

And the beautiful domed ceiling waaaaaay up above
We paid $2 for a scavenger-hunt flier that contains pictures of 12 items you can find by walking around in the building (statues, carvings, etc).  When you find one, you put a gold star sticker next to it (provided).  At the end, when you've found all 12, you can return it to the front desk for a special "seal" and "signature" authorizing you as a junior historian.  And if you're really lucky, the drama-major information desk worker will likely sing out "We have another junior historian" very loudly for you as well. 

Checking out the special scavenger-hunt flier

The kids took turns putting the stickers by each item.  Sophie was pretty good at finding the artifacts.  Owen mostly just liked putting the stickers on the paper.  For a while.

This was one of the statues we were looking for.  I can't remember his name, but he was important when he was alive.  Something to do with the Civil War.

Even though our kids are young, I think they enjoyed the building.  It was a lot of walking around, but we had a good time exploring.

I liked this mural on the wall. for thought.  Talk amongst yourselves...

We were looking for these griffins everywhere!  They were right by the door where we entered.

The last artifact...the angel on the outside of the building.  Sophie spotted her first!

When we exited the capitol, here is what we saw on the front lawn.  Freedom of speech in action!  My favorite sign said, "Be nice to me.  I'm on your death panel."

Repulicans are hilarious!  :)

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