Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just like Wenny

Sophie's new big request is "I wanna watch a moooovie." She's also been very interested in princesses and Tinker Bell lately due to the Disney book she's been reading at bedtime. So, the other day at the library, I checked out the DVD of Peter Pan. She's loving it! She'd watch it several times a day if I'd let her. She snuggles up in the corner of the couch with her special pink blanket that Aunt Rainie gave her and laughs and points out Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and "Wenny!" Yesterday, she insisted on wearing a dress and kept saying, "I so pretty. Like Wenny." Yes, just like Wendy, except that Wendy's dress is blue and Sophie's was green with striped tights. Ha! I would have included a picture of her, but our camera's in the shop being fixed right now. Hopefully we'll get it back soon! I'm also hoping to get our own copy of Peter Pan soon, as we only have the library copy for a week! Yikes!

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