Sunday, September 23, 2007

Potty training

Sophie has been wearing underwear (training pants) for 5 days now and has stayed dry every night! She has been good (mostly) about going wet on the potty, though she has to be prodded to sit. We haven't been quite so lucky with #2, though we have had a few successes. When she has gone "dirt" (her euphamism for you-know-what) on the potty, she gets very concerned about sitting down again because it might touch her.

The other night, while the kids and I were alone, Sophie had a "wet" incident involving her dress and a puddle on her chair all while I was trying to get hotdogs and tater tots ready to eat and while Owen was screaming for his supper. I finally got everything cleaned up and Owen a bottle when Sophie (now wearing only underwear because that's all I could manage) came running up to me, laughing, saying, "Mommy, dirt on the floor! Dirt on the floor!" Sure enough, there were two "treasures" on the kitchen floor! So, we went and sat on the potty just to be sure, and after waiting a moment, Sophie said, "I go dirt on the potty! Let's see it!" So she stood up, but there was nothing there. Bummer, I thought! Then, thunk, there it was on the bathroom floor!!! Oh the joys of potty training!!

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