Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Owen too

I don't want to neglect to include Owen here. He's not saying/doing as many funny and interesting things, but we do enjoy him. Not so much last night (it was a rough one!), but we do enjoy him. He's typically a fairly content little guy and he sleeps and eats well. His big excitement is that we just got the swing out this weekend. Sophie likes to push him in it, after she's given her doll Lily a turn. Sometimes Owen and Lily swing together.

I think Owen smiled intentionally for the first time yesterday! He had his eyes open and was looking right at me. It's fun to know there's a little person inside of that pudgy little body!


justaneverydaygirl said...

I can't believe how big Owen is getting already! Please give him a smooch for me and tell him Auntie Janelle loves him.. :)

Cassie said...

I'm loving this! It's nice to see smiling little faces while I'm at work. It seems like you're having fun with this too! P.S. Gerrit (and I) wants to hang out with the Eigen family soon!

Rainiedavis said...

Carey, these are just precious. I love hearing about your family.