Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Big Mall

The kids and I went to the "Big Mall" today to take in their "Toddler Tuesday" events. We are typically in Bible study on Tuesdays, but we were off for the holiday week, so we decided to head to the mall for something different. It was Dr. Seuss storytime, and Sophie got to high-five the Cat in the Hat. She would not pose for a picture of that. We stayed to listen to one story, and then she wanted to go and play. So we walked around and found Legoland to play in for a while. I don't even want to think of the kinds of germs that are on those Legos. We also sought out Santa Claus and waited in line for 15 minutes (half way to Santa!) when Sophie said she was all done with that. She had previously told me she would not be getting her picture with him anyway, so I wasn't too disappointed. This was our first visit to Santa for the year, so perhaps, with practice, she'll actually sit on his lap for a picture before Dec. 25th! However, Sophie DID want to go on an enormous ride in the amusement park...the kind that would make me puke. I told her she was too small and Owen couldn't go on it. She said, "Ya, when I get bigger then I can do it." Yes, with Daddy. Owen isn't in any of these pictures because he was strapped onto the front of me in the Bjorn the whole morning. He did great in there, looking all around at the sights and sounds until his head bobbed forward and back as he tried to sleep while we walked around.

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justaneverydaygirl said...

Sophie looks beautiful in her moose antler crown.. :)

I love blog days!