Saturday, November 17, 2007


I took the kids out to play for a few minutes yesterday, trying to get some pictures in the leaves before it got too dark and before Greg got rid of them. Sophie, very helpfully, moved handfuls of leaves off of the big pile and back into the grass. I'm sure Greg was thankful for the help! I did my best to get Sophie to pose with Owen, but she kept complaining that he was too heavy (probably true--he's about 13 lbs!). So, I got a cute picture of the two of them, but if you look closely you can tell they are both a little bit in distress. When we came back in, I tried to get some pictures of Owen on his new blanket from Great Grandma (my mom's mom), so Sophie climbed into his chair and said, "Look at me!" So, I finally got her to pose for a picture.

Some of the latest tricks...Owen has found his fingers! When he wakes up in the night I can hear him sucking his fists when he's ready to eat. He tends to hold one hand with the other while he chews on it--kind of makes him look like a chipmunk. Which reminds me...while we were visiting my parents last weekend, Sophie got out of the car and said, "It smells out here. Stinky! Phew!" I asked her what she was smelling, and without hesitation she said, "Chipmunks!" Some of her latest tricks are reaching the light switches herself to turn the lights on and off. She's also singing a lot lately, tunes we actually recognize. In fact, some I know that I haven't taught her. She's loving her class on Tuesdays at church, so I'm thinking she's getting the songs there. Sometimes she asks me to sing songs I don't even know. For instance, does anyone know a song about a BIG spider?? "The itsy-bitsy spider" is most definitely not the song Sophie is referring to!! She got angry when I tried to sing that instead.

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