Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a great time with Greg's side of the family visiting the great-grandmas' houses for Thanksgiving. Sophie got a bunch of new dress-up stuff and toys (we did Christmas with that side of the family). She is particularly fond of her Snow White dress and wears it every waking moment. The Little Mermaid doll is also very special to her and has been added to the privileged few who get to sleep with her. She also really enjoyed playing with her cousin Katie at Great-Grandma E's house. The girls played well with each other--Sophie just followed Katie (almost 5 yrs old) around and copied everything Katie did. Owen slept past 4 a.m. each night...a first! Of course, now that we're home, he was back up at 1:30 again. He was passed from person to person for several days and loved the attention. (He is napping on my lap as I write because he will not be left alone long today.) He was very sweet and smiled and cooed for people. He also developed an attraction for Sophie's special doll Lilly. He's just learning to use his hands, and he was grabbing at Lilly and trying to eat her face. I guess we still have time to get him his own doll for Christmas (if Greg will let us!! Remember Ives!??!).


Brad and Janelle said...

I remember Ives!!! And BowWow, and Ricki Racoon, etc. Greg had so many little friends.. :) I wish you had gotten a picture of Greg's face as he watched his son reach for Lilly!

Wendy said...

So glad to hear that my "last minute" gift (Little Mermaid doll) was a hit. Especially after I stood in the aisle at Target staring bleary eyed at the toys. I'm no good with kid stuff, get a dog and I'll shower it with fabulous gifts... kids are a mystery. =)