Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Latest

So sorry to have taken so long to get new pictures posted. I've been getting about 40 childless-minutes a day lately (during the day), and while trying to exercise, do my Bible study and clean up/prepare meals, etc. during that time, the blog has been neglected. I've also not had any new pictures to post as I haven't taken many for a while!

Sophie is still loving her Disney princesses. She continues to dress up in her Snow White costume regularly, and she even ventured to watch the movie finally. Now it's all we watch. I was surprised that she wasn't scared of the witch--I was as a child. Oh, and she thinks it's Snow White's daddy who kisses her to wake her up. I've explained that he's the prince (several times), but she insists he's her daddy. That's okay by me.

Sophie was explaining "Cinderella" to Greg the other day. Cinderella's fairy godmother is her "grandfather." And Cinderella was going in the carriage to the "ballgame." Greg especially loved that one!

We got tons of snow dumped on us the other day, so Sophie and Greg got out to play in it the first time this year. She was wearing snowpants from her friend Lydia and boots from her friend Aaron, and she was thrilled. She looked like the kid on the Christmas movie that's bundled up and can't move his arms and legs.

Owen is still a little far. I feel really fortunate to have had two easy far. (I know that can change at a moment's notice, so I don't want to jinx it!). He's very smiley and "talking" a lot. This is especially helpful when he's doing it at 6 a.m. instead of going back to sleep after eating. Helpful in the sense that it makes me like him and be okay with the fact that my day now has started at 6 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. He's been reaching out to grab at toys and fingers a lot too.

All of my friends are having babies or have sick children right now, so that meant that Owen and Sophie got to go to the dentist with me today. I hoped Owen would sleep through the appointment, but he woke up the moment we got to the office! That meant that while Sophie watched a DVD in the corner (I love portable DVD players!!), Owen sat on my lap while I had my teeth cleaned. It actually worked out okay, but it didn't help the already stressful situation that visiting the dentist is in the first place. I calmed down about it after many hygienists peeked in at us with exclamations about the kids and the receptionist held Owen while I had x-rays and then offered to take him if he cried. It was like we were a treat for them!

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