Thursday, December 27, 2007


We had a great time with my family for Christmas. Sophie loved having cousins to play with at every moment. We did too--we only had to pay attention to her when she needed to eat! All the youngsters headed out to a local hotel waterpark to play one morning. Sophie was a little timid about the water and said, "I'm all done" after about 1 hour. At least she finally went down the slide (although, holding her breath the whole way up the stairs and down the slide!). Sophie and Aubrey made and decorated cookies with me, and it was so much fun a few of the adults even wanted in on the decorating.
We tried to talk about Christmas a lot to reinforce why we were celebrating. Sophie knows it's Baby Jesus' birthday (though she does bring up Baby Moses now and again) and that he had to sleep in the barn in the manger with the animals. We also celebrated Santa Claus for the first time this year. We asked where Santa Claus would come from (the chimney--grandma & grandpa actually have one!), and Sophie said "Mary's tummy." No idea where that came from! She was a little concerned that he might come and kiss her while she was sleeping. We also left cookies and carrots (and one bean) for the reindeer. Sophie was very concerned about the carrots and bean and kept telling us, "I don't like carrots and beans." We assured her that the reindeer would. When she woke up and crawled into bed with us on Christmas morning, we said," Merry Christmas!" She replied, "I don't like carrots and beans."


Denise said...

Seeing Sophie and Owen in their little red jammies and thier cousins in their red jammies reminds me of Christmas' past when Greg, Janelle, Denise and Wendy all had matching outfits! Great pics Carey!

Brad and Janelle said...

Such a funny story about the carrots and the bean! I'm with Denise, the picture brought back memories... I SO wanted the "Little House on the Prairie" hat Wendy had to match her outfit one year! I can't wait to hug you guys-- only a few more weeks!!!