Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Cookies

I remember helping my mom decorate cookies as a kid, so I've been excited for Sophie to be old enough to help me. This year was finally the year. We got our aprons on, and we each had our own cutting boards for rolling out our dough. I think Sophie's favorite part of the process (until we got to frosting and sprinkles!) was the flour. She had it all over her apron and the counter, and she kept piling it on any dough that was unpowdered. She had fun cutting out shapes on her own board. The next night we decorated the cookies we made. She quickly figured out that spreading the frosting was not her gift area. Instead, she chose a cookie shape and frosting color for me to take care of, and then she took care of the important part--the sprinkles. She kept asking for more. Perhaps you can tell which ones she decorated and which ones I decorated. We had a great time working in the kitchen together. Today we're boxing the cookies up, along with some other little goodies, to distribute to our neighbors.

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