Sunday, December 16, 2007

Parties and Exer-saucers

The kids and I went to a neighbor's house for a Christmas "Tea" party yesterday while Greg got some errands done. We had been there over an hour when Sophie asked, "When are we going to the party??" She was enthralled with their pet rabbit and 3 gerbils and kept wanting to touch them all. She asked me to help her (lucky me!), and she pointed out that the rabbit was sitting on raisins! She thought that was funny. Me too!!

Owen's new big fun stuff is that he's sucking his thumb periodically. It's the cutest thing, but I dread the day when we have to try to get him to stop. We won't worry about that right now. He also tried out the exer-saucer for the first time yesterday. He loves it, and so do we! Now we have one more contraption to rotate him through to keep him happy while we try to get something done. His swing used to be a sure-fire trick to get him to nap a while, but now he's actually wanting to play with the toys that are attached to the tray. He throws little baby fits when he can't get them into his mouth.

We stayed home from church today because Sophie's nose was running like a faucet last night. Of course, it hasn't run all day today, but things worked out because we all slept in. We're hoping to all be healthy for Christmas. Greg and Sophie played in the snow a little (obviously she's not TOO sick!...just too sick to be in the nursery), and came in to have some hot "choc-o-lit" as Sophie called it. She nearly licked her mug clean!

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justaneverydaygirl said...

I love your hair!!! I mentioned to Mom how much I liked it and she told me Megan and Tracy did it?? Wow... you are brave! But thank goodness you are-- it looks SO GREAT!!