Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yellow Grandma

We have been staying at my parents' house while Greg's been away deer hunting. As Sophie and Owen and I were leaving for the 4-hour drive, Sophie started talking about "yellow grandma" and "black grandma." It took me until today to figure out what she meant. "Yellow Grandma" is my mom because "she has yellow hair," according to Sophie (it's actually red!). That means Greg's mom is "black grandma" because her hair is black (brown, really!).

The kids and I braved the drive all alone, and we did great! Owen slept the whole way, and Sophie was entertained the first half of the trip with a bag of toys that I'd packed for her. The little binoculars were a big hit as she used them to look for animals out the windows. We took a break half way at McDonalds to eat and play, and then Sophie watched "The Mermaid" the rest of the way. She sat in the back and narrated the movie to me..."Shark is chasing them!"..."They're getting wet!" ..."She's sad. She wants her daddy." We used to make fun of people whose kids watched movies in the car. We said we'd never stoop to that level; watching TV in the car?! Ha! How wrong we were!!!

Sophie has been in the heighth of her glory. She has eaten all kinds of treats, played dress up (note the Cinderella dress from the dollar store--2 bucks!!), watched movies in the beanbag chair, hosted several damp tea-parties, and had several adults at her beck and call. She has also learned how to use scissors to "cut" things out of grandma's magazines. Mostly she does a little snip and tears the rest out--she thinks it's great! Great Grandma is visiting here too, so Owen has gotten passed around a lot, and mommy has gotten to go shopping all alone. Woohoo!

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Cassie said...

This reminds me of how you used to think Grandpa T. was black! So great! So, I thought maybe Sophie thought Mom was black. haha. I also love the picture of Sophie and Dad watching tv. Priceless.