Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Orchard to end all Apple Orchards

(Life's been a bit hectic lately. So sorry for the long delay in posting)

We visited an apple orchard on the way to visiting the great grandmas this past weekend. This place had it all...a wagon ride through the orchard...a kiddie train ride, which Sophie loved...

...tractors, and lots of other things to climb on and ride...

Owen must do everything that Sophie does. Today he refused his own sippy cup and would only drink out of one that looked like Sophie's.

Yes, this is Sophie getting onto a camel. A real camel. Greg talked her into it. Yes...Greg.
This was a very clever "horse" tire swing.

The petting zoo was a bit hit, as always.

Then we had a "special" lunch inside.

One of Owen's latest tricks is asking for a high-five. He raises his hand and says, "Da!" And then he waits with his arm/hand raised until you respond appropriately....which can sometimes be a while because not everyone (ie. strangers, Daddy, Great-Grandma) knows what "Da!" means.

I think these are the closest thing we're getting to "pumpkin pictures" this year. You should see the 40+ I took just to get these few cute ones. Our children will not simultaneously sit still and pose nicely.


Florida Family of Four said...

I'm feeling much better after getting my blog fix.. :) Love the new pictures.. I miss fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Like all of the new posts! What orchard did you go to?

Cassie said...

Yay! You're back! These pictures and stories are great. I especially like that last pic of Sophie and the Owen high five story. Looks like you had lots of fun!

Gordon Magee said...

We're so glad your back. I always know that you are busy when I don't see pictures for awhile. These were worth waiting for.
Love ya
Mom Magee