Friday, October 3, 2008

Hangin' at Grandma T's

After my cousin Jon's wedding, we spent the weekend visiting at Grandma T's house. Sophie tried on Aunt Cassie's shoes for size while we waited for Grandma and Cassie to wake up (they slept FOREVER!).

We even managed to take a walk around the big building (Grandma lives in a retirement community) before the sleepy-heads woke up.
But Sophie crashed part way and needed a moment to peruse her wounds.
Owen was not particularly helpful, but he enjoyed the bench.
Then we came to a patio full of ceramic animals. I think Owen thought they were real--he made the same excited noises he makes when he sees real animals. We spent a few minutes petting them.
While Owen napped, Sophie worked on painting.

We got to eat over in the fancy dining room for one meal. As we were leaving, we walked past a little lady who wanted to chat with the kids. She happened to have only one eye.
As we were walking away, Sophie said, "Mom!! She didn't-"
"Sophie!" I interrupted, "Shhhh! Wait!"
We walked a few more steps...
"Mom!" Sophie yelled, "She didn't-"
"Shhhh! Wait!!" I interrupted again, hurrying everyone along.
When we finally were about to leave the building, Sophie could stand it no longer and burst out with "Mom! She didn't have an eye that worked!"

We took Grandma to the grocery store, and what a treat that was! Hyvee had the best kids'-carts I've ever seen! This one was a firetruck, and both kids loved it!

We watched a movie before bedtime. This sharing of the stool lasted about 15 seconds.

Owen refuses to be fed food anymore (think babyfood, yogurt, applesauce...). He insists on eating only things that he can eat on his own without assistance. This is Owen while eating Spaghettios. Now you know why he's shirtless.

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Florida Family of Four said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I seem to recall a picture or two of Owen's daddy with spaghettios smeared all over his face and hair! Like father, like son.