Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visiting the Great Grandmas

Last weekend, we went to visit Greg's Grandmas. It had been a while since we'd been there last, so it was fun for the kids, and the grandmas too, to spend some time together. Sophie and Owen enjoyed playing in Grandma E's porch. They kept going in and out of the screen door.

After a bath night, they enjoyed watching a movie on our little DVD player for a while. Owen kept trying to touch the buttons, which was highly upsetting to Sophie.

Greg read them their bedtime books. This is how they began...calmly enjoying the books together...

Then this happened...

And this...

Twenty pictures later, this is how they ended. Notice that Owen's got ahold of Sophie's pjs still. Reading is never simple now that Owen wants in on the action.
Unless the kids each have their own book and there are no parents' laps involved. Then they read very nicely. Owen particularly enjoys books with real animal pictures in them right now.
Sophie got to help Grandpa mow the lawn. She thought this was great fun, especially the trying to mow over Daddy part.

We got to celebrate Great Grandma E's birthday while we were there--it was her 93rd! (Is that right?? Ninety-something anyway.) Sophie likes to call her Great Grandmas by their last names. As in, last names only. So, if the last name was Smith, Sophie would refer to her as "Smith." So, Grandma's cake said "Happy Birthday 'Smith'" on it.
I do not recall why Owen was naked. But I do know why Sophie's refusing to look at the camera. I made her sit for one more picture. What a beast I am!

Owen loves to be tickled.
Owen also got to try out the lawn mower. He did not try to run over Daddy.


Florida Family of Four said...

Looks like fun-- wish we could've been there. I LOVED seeing the kids in their hats! Please tell them that when they wear them, it's like their Auntie Nell giving them a great big hug. I miss them (and you guys) SO MUCH!!!! Love ya!

Gordon Magee said...

Carey, we love it that you keep doing this and check the site every day! Makes us wish we could be there more often!