Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Cousin Jon's Wedding

Most readers out there will not give a care about my cousin Jon's wedding. But my mom and grandma read this blog, and they care a great deal. My mom wasn't able to be at the wedding, and my grandma's anxious to see the pictures, so I'm posting them here for all of humanity to see. Well, for the few of you that read this anyway.

My sister Cassie made the 3+ hour drive with me and my kids and stayed the weekend with us at Grandma T's house. I needed the help, and she needed a ride. Cassie was kind of my (voluntary) slave for the weekend. She was doling out snacks and carrying bags every time I asked her to. Thanks, Cass!

Sophie was very excited to attend a wedding. I kept explaining that it's a lot like church. You have to sit quietly. My kids ate snacks through the whole ceremony...it was during our dinner time.

Sophie was very excited to see her Great Grandma T (my mom's mom).
And this is my cousin Jon. He's a good-looking fella. He used to be quite a punk. I'm not joking. He once jumped off the first-story roof of their farmhouse into a sleeping bag that was being held outstretched by his siblings and my sister Courtney. I told Courtney not to get involved. I told them we were all going to get in trouble. I told them Jon would break his neck. But when I saw that he was going to do it anyway, I grabbed a corner of that sleeping bag too. I wanted to be sure they held it right (I was the oldest, a worry-wart and a goody-two-shoes). Jon finally jumped into the middle of the outstretched sleeping bag being held by 6 of us relatives from ages 8-14. The force of his landing wrenched the sleeping bag from our twelve fists, and he landed with a thud on the bare dirt ground (with the sleeping bag to break his fall, of course). He started yelling, "My back! My back!" and I was sure he was paralyzed and we were all dead. But he half crawled/limped into the house and swore us all to secrecy so we wouldn't get in trouble. And we never spoke of it again. And I think he turned out alright...

Jon's sister Becky.
Jon's sister Sarah.
Jon's brother Jake.
Amy, the bride, and Becky, Sarah and Jake's kids (some of them...we have a gigantic family).

All the nieces and nephews wanted a good spot to watch the action, so they plunked down in the middle of the aisle.
It was a lovely outdoor wedding on a lovely Fall day.
My kids enjoyed dancing with their (second?) cousins while waiting to have some dinner.

A toast to the bride and groom!


Florida Family of Four said...

I love your dramatic story about Cousin Jon.. my favorite part is when you talk about making sure the others were holding the sleeping bag right-- so funny! It looks like you guys had a beautiful, fun day!

Lady Librarian said...

So much for your swear to secrecy! Now that hilarious story of Jon jumping off the roof is out there for the world to see!

Michelle said...

Look, you already have two comments! We do care about Jon's wedding! I love the news and pictures of your family.

Cassie said...

I still have "I've been working on the Railroad" stuck in my head from the car ride. But I loved every minute! We made a memory! :)