Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Roundup

We took in our little downtown's Fall Roundup this past weekend. There were fun activities, live music, greasy food (yum!) and plenty of tats (more on that in a moment).
Sophie gave this video game a whirl. I think it's something like "Dance Revolution" or something. I'm not cool enough to really know what it was. She was too mesmerized by the screen to actually move her feet.
So her Dad showed her a thing or two.

Nice moves, Greg.

There was free face-painting, which is always a big hit. The free part, I mean.

We finally washed off the remains of this butterfly last night. It hung in there a long time!

We kept calling this the "jumpy thing." Sophie got to jump until she tired out because there were no other kids waiting in line.

Owen thought he wanted to jump too. But I know for a fact he would have cried if we actually put him in there. I had tried him in the ball-pit at the "Indoor Park" a few days ago with disastrous results.

This is some foreshadowing of a post to come.

Sophie loves her tattoos.
Trying to dunk a choir kid.

Again, Daddy had to show Sophie a thing or two. He succeeded with the third ball, thank goodness. Because some choir girl was after him and did it on the first throw!

Waiting for Daddy to bring some lunch.

Sophie likes onion rings. Who knew??

More tats. Just called her "Painted Lady." This is what she chose to spend her tickets on.
Driving the old-fashioned fire truck.


Cassie said...

Great pictures! I especially like the one of Greg doing "Dance Dance Revolution." Looks like he's "puttin' out the vibe."

Florida Family of Four said...

I agree with Cassie. Greg is the coolest cat ever! You better keep an eye on him, Carey... with moves like that the women must be all over him!

As for the kids, they are just as adorable as ever. Perhaps you could mail them on down to Florida so I can squeeze them a little-- I so miss them!!! (Well, their mommy and daddy too, of course!)

Love you guys!

Wendy said...

Watch out for those tattoos. Take it from someone who already has a couple... they're addicting. She'll be waiting in line at the nearest tattoo shop at midnight on her 18th birthday. =)

Aside from that, let's hope that Sophie and Owen get their Daddy's "cool" gene... or maybe not.