Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tiny Tumblers

Sophie started her little gymnastics class at our community center this week. Her friend Lydia is taking the class too. Here, the girls are warming up.

The kids had a whole circuit of activities to do around the room. Walking on this line of something that looks like cut-in-half rubber balls, jumping from hula-hoop to hula-hoop, crawling through a tube, jumping onto a stack of mats and somersaulting down a ramp...
walking across a low beam with a ball held over her head, and jumping on a mini trampoline!
I had Owen with me, and he was wanting to get in on the fun, so I had to take him out into the hallway and therefore didn't get any more pictures. I did get some pretty good video, though! Hilarious!! Too bad for you that I don't know how to post it here...it was good stuff.

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