Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Owen's Dedication

We had Owen dedicated at church a while back (sorry for the delay!). That's Pastor Dave doing the honors. Dedicating Owen is really more about dedicating ourselves...to raising him to know Jesus. Dedicating Owen doesn't "save" him or get him on the list for heaven. Owen and God will have to deal with that themselves someday (something we're praying for, of course!). It's really more a public statement on our behalf that we're going to raise Owen in a home that knows and teaches about Jesus and that we want people's help and accountability for that. It's also a way to say that Owen is really the Lord's and we're happy to have him, but we're offering him to Lord to do with as He will.
Sophie came up on stage with us too. In her new light-up princess shoes and new dress. The grandmas and grandpas were there watching.
Um, yeah. That's Sophie picking her nose. I didn't know about that until later.
And this is Owen very kindly trying to remove Pastor Dave's hand from his shoulder. He wasn't too into Pastor Dave.

And this is our little family in our backyard.


Brad and Janelle said...

You guys are such a great looking family!! However, I'm a little disappointed that none of the pictures showed Sophie's light-up sandals! Wish we could have been there to be a part of the special day.. we love you!!

Wendy said...

I agree with Janelle, you are a great looking family. Very "All American"

And don't worry about the nose picking scene... every single time Katie has had a church event that the family has attended she has made a point of picking her nose or yawning dramatically or some other such antics. Many of them we have caught on video... lovely.