Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family Time

My family was in town this past weekend for Owen's dedication at church (more on that later!). My parents and my grandmother stayed at our house, and my sister Cassie and brother-in-law Gerrit joined us for some fun. We all headed down to the park by our house to let the kids play for a while.

Check out Owen's hair!!

Greg likes to teach our children neat tricks at an early age. Then I spend all day alone with them trying to keep them from dying from head injuries.

FYI...most of this weekend's pictures are courtesy of my dad and his camera. I was kind of a pathetic photographer --mostly I kept forgetting. So, I'm glad my dad was documenting the weekend!

Owen's favorite snack.

Me, my Grandma Rosalie, my mom Denna, my youngest sister Cassie


Jessica said...

Congratulations on Owen's dedication. By the way, we went to the Little Hands exhibit at the fair on your suggestion. We loved it. Soon there will be a posting. Check out McKenna's first day of school on our blog when you get a chance. Also, I love how you guys make going to the store a family event! We do that with Sam's club (free sample Sunday) and Petco (it's like a mini trip to the zoo).

Rainiedavis said...

Great photos and I truly enjoy the stories of your adventures. Love, Aunt Rainie.

Brad and Janelle said...

LOVE the picture of Owen with a stick in his mouth. Yummy!