Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Apple Orchard

We visited a nearby apple orchard Sunday night to have some dinner and a little outdoor Fall fun. Before we left the house, Sophie colored a special picture for this particular orchard's coloring contest. She colored the whole picture black. We're guessing she won't be winning the contest. BUT, the picture did earn her a free donut. An apple donut. She did not share one bite with any of the rest of us.

The rest of us got an apple crisp ala mode (with cinnamon ice cream!). It was terrific! And we had to share ours with Sophie. Go figure.

The kids really enjoyed visiting with the animals. Owen was particularly enamored. He's just been starting to notice animals lately, pointing, and making excited noises. We had a "RED ALERT!" (Greg actually yelled that at me) when Owen reached inside the fence and nearly grabbed the pile of poop directly in front of him.

Greg finally broke down and paid a quarter for corn to feed the animals. Here, Sophie is complaining that the animals won't eat the corn she's holding in both fists. I guess they weren't hungry after gorging themselves all day (we were there around closing time).

After visiting with the animals, we took a walk through the apple orchard/vineyard. It was a beautiful evening!


Cassie said...

Excuse me big sister, you are making me hesitant to have children. How will I ever keep my family this busy?!

Florida Family of Four said...

Seriously... do you guys EVER stay home?!