Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sophie started her first-ever Wednesday night program at church this week. She's going to be an Awana Cubbie. And so are Greg and I!! He and I are trading off weeks of volunteering with her group so that we each get some special time with Owen and Sophie. There were 24 kids in her group, which is a gigantic group of 3-year olds, so we may have to both volunteer full-time if things remain a bit "wild" on Cubbie nights.

This is Sophie and me before leaving for church. She was so excited!! She was running around getting her shoes on before I was even ready to go.

And this is us after church. We're both official Cubbies now!

Sophie was so thrilled with her new Cubbies book. It contains a story and memory verse for each week. When she says the verse to her teacher on Wednesday nights, she'll get a sticker in her book. When she racks up a few stickers, she'll get a patch that I will sew onto her vest.
Sophie looked through her book for several minutes until we finally had to peel her away to get ready for bed. I don't think she was in bed until close to 9:30!! We're so excited that Sophie's so excited about Cubbies. She wants to wear her vest to bed and to play in. She and I have already been working on one of her verses. She just said it to me at naptime..."All He had made was very good."


Cassie said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe she's a Cubbie already. Crazy! She's getting so old! And Awana can have such an impact on those little souls. I still remember my first verse from Awana. John 3:16!

Brad and Janelle said...

I'm glad she's so excited about Cubbies.. how fun! (However, I'm a bit panic-stricken at the thought of being in a room with 23 3-yr olds). Your daughter is so darn cute!