Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last Hurrah

The weather is getting colder, so we took advantage of a warmish end of summer evening and went to the beach as a family. It has since gotten to be quite cool, so we're glad we had one last hurrah before packing up the beach gear.
Owen loved the sand and the water. As Greg played with Sophie out in deeper water, Owen would hold my hand and walk into the water just about up to his armpits. He was trying to get to where Daddy and Sophie were. A few times, he'd wriggle free of my hand and use both hands to splash the water. Then he'd inevitably fall forward, completely dunk himself, and come up sputtering.

Sophie loves the sand too. It's her favorite part of the beach. She had to be coerced into playing in the water with Greg.

I'm cold!

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Brad and Janelle said...

Owen looks so big in these pictures!!