Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indoor Park

The kids and I played at an indoor park last week. This was our first visit since Owen's been walking, so he got to have a crazy, fun time. We also got to use a coupon (two for one), so that made it an especially good treat.

This park has a separate toddler area for smaller kids, which Owen really enjoyed. Sophie lingered only for a moment and then was off to bigger and better things...literally. So, I didn't get many photos of her. Owen, on the other hand, moves a whole lot more slowly than his big sister, so I was able to catch him in action.

Owen needed a little boost up the first of these steps, but then he did well on his own.

Until step #3. Then he needed a break...a break to yell at me for some assistance.
But then he made it to the top. Hmmmm, what do I do now?

Yell for some more assistance.
So, I helped him to sit down. Then he went down the slide and loved it!! He did this routine several more times... Including the yelling for assistance.
I tried to put Owen in the mini-ball pit, but he wasn't having it. He did enjoy the view from the outside, though.
Sophie and Owen had a little picnic for lunch before heading off to do more climbing. This was Owen's first time sitting to eat at a kids' table. He thought he was big stuff. He also tried to climb onto the top of it while I was trying to eat my own lunch. We're still working on his table manners.

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Brad and Janelle said...

Oh my gosh.. so funny! I laughed out loud when I read about your big adventure. Owen is quite handsome in his Vikings jersey!