Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few of our Favorite People

We love Todd and Christine and their family.  They are some very dear friends of ours who moved away last summer to go somewhere really far away and a lot hotter than it is here.  It's rare to find a couple that Greg and I are individually great friends with as well as couple-friends with (does that make sense??  I'm friends with Christine/Greg is friends with Todd, but we all like hanging out together).  We have missed them!  And their kids. 
While they were back in the area recently, our families got together for the day to have a picnic and see the zoo.  It was awesome in the shade.
These monkeys were checking out the flamingos.  Amanda, Trenton, Aaron, Owen & Sophie.
Waiting for the seal show--it was starting to feel warm.
Grabbing a drink after the new polar bear exhibit.  Sophie complained that it was "super boring hot"  that day.  And it was.
This picture with the giraffes is a family tradition.
That is Sophie's "super boring hot" face.
They must have been cooler by now.
Way cooler.
We visited the butterfly house.  It is Sophie's dream to have a butterfly land on her.  But you aren't allowed to grab them.  They can, however, land on you of their own accord.  She walked around with her finger out (to land on, of course!) the whole time.  And look...
...happened!  It was very exciting for all of us.
Owen wanted a piece of the action, but that butterfly would have none of it.
We finished up with ice cream at DQ to make up for the "super boring hot" and crazy-crowded zoo experience (on a Saturday... in July...what were we thinking??!!).
It was great to spend the day with you guys!  We love you!

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Christine said...

We love you too...that day (despite the ridiculous heat) was a highlight of our trip.