Monday, July 12, 2010

June Camping

The kids shared a bed on one side of the camper again.  They loved it and settled in to sleeping next to each other better than on our first trip out.
On our very first day, we biked 5 1/2 miles to the beach to have a picnic.  Owen fell asleep on the way.
Sophie spent a lot of time collecting goose feathers.
Owen helped.
We played in the river/lake.  Mostly they did.  It was too cold for me.
The drinking fountain was super entertaining.
Owen could even get a drink all by himself.
Another day, we climbed to the top of the firetower.
Both kids did great on the way up and the way down.  There were a lot of stairs.
I think we ate s'mores every night it wasn't raining.
Some neighboring kids ate them with us...every night it wasn't raining.
We went on a cool hike in the woods.  I believe we applied bug spray at least 20 times.
There we are in all our camping glory.
It was "Bird Bonanza" weekend at the campground.  So we went to a special presentation about birds.  I thought it was interesting.  Owen lasted 10 minutes.
We got treats from the camp store.  The kids chose the biggest freezies I've ever seen (only 50 cents!). 
They ate about 2 inches each, and then they were done.
On our last night, we went for a longish bike ride, hoping for some wildlife sightings.  We'd heard of a lot of people spotting bears throughout the week we were there.  Greg was hoping for a bear sighting.  I was not.  We did see some sandhill cranes and a few deer.  We were especially excited about this mama and baby.  We got to watch them for a few minutes.

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