Monday, July 19, 2010

Owen's Kid Party

We had a kid birthday party for Owen on his actual birthday.  The weather was beautiful, which is a good thing because the party was at our park!  I did not have a suitable back-up plan.  But things worked out.
Owen is still practicing "three."
Sophie and Owen helped fill up our water table while waiting for the kids to arrive.  They ran back and forth to the water fountain to fill up the buckets to fill up the table.  Owen's shorts were dripping before the first family go there.
Owen and Drew.  We had some playtime.

McKenzie--one of my very favorite babies.  She and I are working towards becoming friends.  I'm slowly wearing her down.
Sophie and Keira.
Caden, Owen, Lydia and Drew.  A huge semi came and unloaded a giant mountain of fresh woodchips while the kids looked on.  It was a boy's happy birthday wish come true!  The kids were so fascinated!
Then, when the coast was clear, they got to play on the mountain.  They were in kid heaven!  And covered head to toe in woodchip-debri.  But it was so worth it!

The party theme was Woody and Buzz from the Toy Story movie.  Inside, the cupcakes were blue (Owen specifically requested that).

Owen and Drew.  Singing "Happy Birthday."
And blowing out the candle.
Anna, Lauren, Owen, Drew & Sophie.
Matthew, Keira, Caden, Jack & Lydia.
The water table was fun!
Our neighbor "Mary with the Dogs" (that's what my kids call her because there's another neighbor Mary) even innocently got into the action while walking her dogs.  This is the first time in our several years as neighbors that I've ever seen those dogs be more frightened than the kids!
Present-opening was kind of (totally) chaos.  Owen got a lot of nice gifts--very boy-type gifts--that he is LOVING!
It was a super fun party on a beautiful day.  We had a great time playing with our friends and celebrating Owen's third birthday.  And then, to stay within the theme, we came home and made this for lunch...

What a perfect day!


Bren said...

My son is loving that a new generation of kids is getting into the Toy Story mode he has always loved. I will show him this.

Indiana Family of Four said...

Your parties are always so fun! Happy Birthday, Owen- Love you!