Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Camping...for real this time

So, we went camping for four days this past weekend. We're getting better at it as we go. This was our second time out with the camper, and we're starting to get a system down. I love to have a system.

Here, Sophie is working on a "wind-mobile" project.
Owen did one too.
Paul Bunyan. He's everywhere around there!
The first s'mores of the trip. So good!
The bench we are sitting on here is the one that Owen, moments later, ran full-tilt into, knocking himself flat on his back with his legs flying up in the air. He was chasing the big kids and didn't see it, evidently. All I heard was the "whack" of his head, and I quickly spun around to see Owen falling with his legs flying up. I thought he fell from the playground equipment above. It scared the life out of me. But Owen was okay. It was to be the first of many bruises, though.

Sophie's a climber.
Blowing bubbles.
Playing "hockey" with a walking stick that Grandpa made.
Playing in the dirt while collecting rocks in a plastic cup...a favorite past time.
Our first catch of the weekend.

While we were all distracted with the fish, Owen stepped into the lake...with his shoes on. He had to go barefoot after that.
The kids loved checking out the fish in the bucket.
Group bike ride.
Sophie has gotten to be quite a good bike rider. She even rides one-handed at times (very fancy), and stands up on the peddles to push up a hill (super fancy!).
More play time at the park.
Greg thinks this looks like a senior picture pose. I don't think I would have climbed a tree for my senior pictures.

Owen did some fishing with his new fishing pole too. His had a little tire on the end (in place of a hook) because the pole had a "Cars" theme. He loved casting and reeling it in.
Here it comes, Owen! You got one!

We ate dinner out at a local pizza place on our last night. This is Grandma & Grandpa's family picture.
And this is ours. Our side of the table was a little unruly. It was right about now that Owen, while throwing a fit, flailed around and smacked his head into the table, cutting his eyelid and blackening his eye.
Ice cream treats. Sophie chose bubblegum.
The traditional ice cream shot.
We really did offer Owen a spoon. He declined.
On our way home, we came to a bridge and I said, "Look! There's the Mississippi." Sophie piped up from the back, "Who's Mr. Sippy?"
We had a great time, despite several (minor) injuries for Owen and our heater running out of gas at 4 in the morning our last night. Sophie has been asking when we're going again and wants to cross off the days on her calendar. I told her we can go again after Owen has healed and all the laundry is done. It'll be at least a couple of weeks.


Wendy said...

Owen doesn't look thrilled with his sister giving him a hug.

Also, I agree with Sophie on the ice cream issue. Bubblegum ice cream is one of my guilty pleasures. =)

And yes, I too was thinking that it had been a while since you posted, but like Janelle, I can't complain... I don't have a blog.

Cassie said...

Fabulous pictures! And we loved all the stories. Poor Owen, I hope it isn't life long clumsiness for him. Glad you had such a good time!

Suzanne said...

I'm glad it went well....except for poor Owen's mug! Hope he heals fast!

Florida Family of Four said...

Poor little Owen! See? Camping is dangerous... that's why I'll be staying home.. :)

Picture were so great! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us-- it ALWAYS makes me smile!

Love you!