Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Church Picnic

Our church shares our building with two other churches--a Spanish-speaking church and a Hmong church. This past Sunday, all three churches got together for one big church picnic on our new property. It was great! There was great food, great fun, and great music. Each church's pastor spoke for a few minutes and then each church's music team played two songs. So fun! Greg was on our church's music team...more on that in a moment.

It was crazy hot out at first. As soon as we stepped out of the car, Sophie said, "I'm hot! Are we going to eat in the shade?" There was no shade. Just a field. We aren't really sure what was in that field (a former farm), but we were allergic to it! Sophie was instantly itchy, runny and irritated. Greg too. It came later for me. Only Owen remained unscathed.
That didn't keep the kids from playing all over the field. They were loving it. Every few minutes, Sophie ran back to get her nose wiped.
Listening to another church's music team.
Waiting "backstage" for Greg's turn to play.
Owen desperately wanted to be up there. He's wailing in this picture. There was no room on the platform for him, or we would have let him up there.
Here, he's eyeing another set of drums that were on the ground. I tried to encourage him to play these, but he would have none of it.
Trying out his pensive, rock-star look.

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Mommy Missionary said...

Your church..shares it's facilities..*gasp* Ha - that's great! We have church in our field every Sunday in the summer. Someday, there may be a church there. Maybe in time for our grandkids weddings. Maybe.