Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kum-ba-ya, my Lord...

I'm a blogging loser, I know it. We've been having technical difficulties around here, and I can't bear to sit here for the time it takes any webpages to load. I think we're on the mend, though, so here are some belated pictures from a few weekends ago.

With our church group, our family visited the Bible camp that Greg grew up going to. We hadn't been there since before Sophie was born, so it was fun to be back, especially with the kids in tow.

We made a stop at Treasure City on the way. Treasure City is not to be confused with Pleasureland, Pure Pleasure or Sugar Daddy's which are also stops along the way. Stops that we did not take nor were we tempted to take. I just wanted to be clear about where we were.

Outside there was a (dilapidated) pirate ship. The kids loved it!
Greg did too.

Owen likes to do everything we do.
He chose this person himself.
Here we are in our room at camp. Sophie chose to sleep on a top bunk. She called it a "bump" bed.
The kids ran wild around the hallways the whole weekend. I was certain there would be injuries, but it never came to that. They had a great time.

Some of the older kids even put on an original puppet show for us.

Our kids loved camp.
And loved hanging out with church friends in a new place.
The adults did work projects during the day (which I did not take pictures of!) and at night we met for some singing and teaching time. While we had some quiet time as a group, the kids were bundled off to their rooms. Ours watched a movie for a while before going to bed.
We had a great time as a family, and great time with friends. I'm pretty sure we'd be up for camp again, especially since no one came home bleeding or bruised...from our family, anyway.


Mommy Missionary said...

Did you pass Sugar Daddy's in cloquet and not stop by? Cuz if you did my sugar daddy will be ticked!

Looks like fun!

Mrs. E. said...

You sure have fun family outings!

Gordon Magee said...

I love seeing the pictures, the kids are starting to look so grown up. I need to see them soon!
Love Mom