Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quote of the Day

Yesterday, while reading a book to Sophie before bedtime, I read part of a chicken story that went something like this, "This room has everything but worms in it."

And Sophie chimed in, "What are BUTT worms?"

Oh, dear.

This is a picture I keep forgetting to post. Aren't they the cutest?


Florida Family of Four said...

Read this while on the phone with a parent at work. I shouldn't have. I busted out laughing and had to make an excuse.. oops! Funny!

Suzanne said...

hahahaha. funny

Wendy said...

Aaahhh, hahahahahaha. Considering my past life in the Veterinary business, all kinds of things scrolled through my head when I read this. I won't go into detail, you have a good imagination.
Thanks for the good laugh though.

And yes, they are just the cutest in their little matching swim suits.

Gordon Magee said...

Loved seeing all the new pictures and stories. Laughed right out loud about the butt worms. I miss my little kiddos, want to kiss those cheeks!
Love Mom