Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family Time

It's been a busy summer here in our household! Most recently we got to spend some time with Greg's side of the family. His sister's family was visiting from Florida (we hadn't seen them in ages) with new baby, Logan, making his first Midwestern appearance!

Picnic at the beach

How cute is Owen?

How about now?? (Can you see all the cookie shrapnel in his teeth?)

Janelle, Brad & Logan (can't really see Logan!)
There...that's better!
Grandpa with a pie that he's particularly proud of (he's proud of them all, really!)

Owen got to sit up at the counter on the big stools. I was afraid he'd fall to his death from there, but he'd been doing it all week and nobody else seemed too worried about it.

Cousin Jared

We went to a concert in the park. We listened to a kooky folk band who sang about garlic and birds eggs and Mary (had a little lamb) Had a Little Itch. It was weird, but it was good for a laugh!
Owen came for the music but stayed for the juice boxes.

Logan was so darn cute!

We had a great time with family, though some of us (Me!) didn't really get to be there much. I'll be sharing some more family photos from the 4th soon!

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Florida Family of Four said...

I love the last picture of Owen touching Logan's hair! It was so great to be up in MN to see you all!