Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Owen's Birthday

We had the whole W family over to celebrate Owen's birthday last weekend. After supper and some play time, we had Owen open his presents.

Drew helped him out
He got a drum with real drum sticks from Great Grandma C (she just doesn't know it yet!). He totally loves it. In fact, in the days since this picture, "Boom, boom, boom," is the first thing he says upon waking. He takes the sticks in the car with us wherever we go.

Owen parted with the sticks long enough to let Drew give it a shot (though, notice Owen watching Drew very carefully). Drew's style was a little more "free-form." He's had less practice is all.
Courtney Love graced us with a performance on Owen's new guitar from Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill (they just don't know it yet!).
Is he cool, or what? He's even got a tat on his forearm.
Owen learned to play guitar from watching Daddy play Guitar Hero.

Happy Birthday to you, Owen!


Florida Family of Four said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!! (Your present is in the mail). Carey, your cakes are so darn cute!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to OWEN!!!

Looks like you guys may just have the makings of the next Tommy Lee, complete with tattoo... well hopefully just the percussive talent part, not the other stuff. =)