Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lydia's Fairy Birthday

Sophie occasionally asks for a (single) braid in her hair. As we've discovered, after taking that single braid out, her hair is "bumpy." What on earth could happen with a whole head full of braids then, you ask? We did too, so we experimented to find out. We did it in preparation for Lydia's fairy birthday party.

Here is the result...all-over bumpy hair. Cool! Sophie's working on decorating some fairy wings here.

Drew, Sophie & Owen playing in a (tiny) sandbox while waiting for other birthday activities.

Fairy face painting...ooooooh.
Look at all the pretty fairies! Try not to notice the uncooperative one who refused to wear her wings and headband. At least she let us take her picture.

Checking herself out in the mirror...she decided to follow the crowd after all. She decorated those wings!
Getting sprayed with "fairy dust" so she could flit about the yard looking for treasures.
The girls found bags that had their names on them hidden in the trees by fairies.

Running off to find more hidden bags.
Making a fairy house with all of the treasures found hidden in the yard.
Owen wanted in on some of the action, so I painted his face too. No fairies, though.
Waiting for cake.

Also waiting for cake.
Here it comes!

It's a butterfly! Good job, Laura!

Opening presents by the butterfly tree.

Good buddies.

Happy Birthday, Lydia! Thanks for the magical party!


Florida Family of Four said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That's just the cutest thing EVER!! What I wouldn't give to have an excuse to indulge myself in sparkly magical fairy goodness! Perhaps for Logan's first bday????

I like Sophie's bumpy hair-- It's very Cindi Lauper!

Florida Family of Four said...

Dear S for Sophie-

I miss you so very much. Please come back!