Friday, July 10, 2009

Balla-nina Class

Sophie is taking a dance class this summer. She is beyond excited about it. Although, she may be nearly as excited about wearing her hair in a ponytail for class (she's growing it out, you know) as she is for the class itself. Her friend Lydia is in the class too, along with church-friend Cora and her sister Eva.
Waiting for the first class to begin.

Drew, Owen, Lydia & Sophie. The little brothers were very supportive.

One of these things is not like the others...Sophie was wearing a hand-me-down leotard because Daddy said she had a few already so why buy one for a 6-week class. That discrepancy was quickly remedied by Mommy after class #1. She now has a pink, skirted leotard...I just didn't get pictures of it yet. But I will.
Sophie was very attentive and did just what she was asked to do.

She didn't even notice that her leotard was different from the others because she was just so excited to be in dance class and wearing a ponytail. She's still super cute in that wacky leotard.
So is Owen.


Florida Family of Four said...

Oh my gosh.. so cute!!!! I love that little ballanina! Owen looks smashing as well.. He'll be into tutu's and tights just like his daddy!

Wendy said...

Perhaps Owen should take Toddler Wrestling... he's already got the uniform. Although I'm not sure how well the pink would go over in a wrestling class.