Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Father's Day

I forgot to add these pictures to yesterday's post, but I suppose it works out really since they are mostly about Father's Day weekend. We were all set to head out to Black Grandma & Grandpa's for Father's Day weekend to visit with everyone, including the Florida family. But, Owen was still coughing his lungs out on a regular basis, so he and I stayed home and sent Sophie and Greg without us.

Prior to that though, the kids worked on Father's Day projects for Daddy. The kids decorated paper picture frames with buttons. Owen was very particular about which buttons and where to put them. He even did a bit of the gluing himself.

Sophie did her whole project on her own. She's such a type "A." All her buttons were in perfectly straight lines with no crowding whatsoever.

While the kids were doing projects for Daddy, I was making dessert for the family. Hamburgers!! They were made out of yellow cupcakes with brownie hamburgers. More on that in a minute.

Checking out Grandpa's bread machine.
Greg and new nephew, Logan

Hanging out at Cardinal Kingdom, I think (remember, I wasn't there!)
Russ' much-anticipated fish fry (Cousin Megan monitoring his progress)

Brother-in-law Brad, Aunt Mary, Cousin Tracy, Uncle Bill

Nephew Jared, Cousin Megan, Sister Janelle

Russ & Greg
Here's my dessert being served in my absence (Thanks, Tracy!). Those are "french fry" sugar cookies, too.

Sophie opted to have a sucker instead of the dessert that took me three days and many hours to hide and construct. But I'm not offended.
Megan & Logan


Florida Family of Four said...

I miss everyone SO MUCH!! It was so great seeing you guys.. love you!


Cassie said...

You're making us all look bad with those amazing "hamburgers." We'll just call you Martha!

Karin said...

Those hamburgers are the cutest! I need to have the directions...would love to make them for Tom's birthday.

Carey said...

Karin, I'm not finding your email address right now, so I hope you check back here!! I got the idea from Bakerella