Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

It is Greg's family's tradition to go to the 4th of July parade in their town each year. I haven't been to it in several years partly because we trade off years with visiting my family. The last time we were with Greg's family though, I was on semi-bedrest and had to sit home while the family went without me. The two years prior to that, we all had the flu or were about to get it, so it was an incomplete group then too. This year, Andrea sprained her ankle, so she wasn't able to be at the parade, and nicely, Great Grandma C stayed home (in the AC!) to keep her company. Those of us that did get to go though had a good time!
Megan, Owen, Jared, Sophie & Tracy
Greg was a founding member of this "band" back in high school (he played the energizer bunny...because he's a drummer). I don't think you could pay him enough to do it now. The dude with the big, red hat was in it with him way back then.
We celebrated Owen's birthday while we were with everyone.
I believe they may have been watching some fireworks or looking for a train. Not sure which.
We took in a little more carnival later. These are the bumper cars. Sophie loved it almost as much as Grandpa did!
Jared took the kids on a roller coaster. It flung their little bodies all over the place and scared Greg and I half to death.
Sophie chose cotton candy for a treat before watching the fireworks.
Almost time for fireworks! Almost as good as Grandpa's!

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