Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday Boy

Because it was Owen's birthday this past weekend, I've been thinking back on the past year a lot. Last year my blood pressure was crazy-high and I was hospitalized with 8 weeks of pregnancy left to go. I was told I wouldn't be leaving the hospital until I had a baby. "Will I be here for 2 months??!!" I asked. "Oh, no. You'll be having the baby in a few days," they said as kindly as possible. "Oh my!" I said, "I'm going to need to call my husband."

Four days later, after various attempts to induce me, many blood-draws, a chest x-ray, inflatable socks (very classy!), and many other uncomfortable/unattractive experiences, I ultimately had to deliver via c-section because my health wasn't allowing anymore time to wait around. Owen was born 8 weeks early. He was 4 pounds. After I got to take a good look at him, he was whisked away to the Newborn ICU, which was to be his home for 18 days.

(That's a baseball, for perspective)

While there, he was hooked up to heart and breathing monitors and was tube-fed through the nose in a little incubator (or "cage," as Sophie called it, I believe). He was allowed to leave the hospital when he learned to suck from a bottle to take his whole feedings on his own, no longer had breathing or heartrate dips and was able to maintain his body temperature on his own. He was released much sooner than we'd been told originally because he was doing so well. He never had to have help to breathe.

Because he was premature, Owen wasn't allowed to be in any childcare situations (ie. nursery) until cold/flu season passed, and we had to be extra careful about handwashing so he wouldn't contract RSV (a potentially deadly respiratory virus for any baby, but especially preemies). Because he was 8 weeks early, his development had potential to be delayed by 8 weeks. He was a bit slow to sit up, roll over, etc., but he pretty much hit all the marks by two months after they were on the chart.

Between 10 and 11 months, Owen rolled from his back to his front for the first time, started crawling, and then started walking. Now he's climbing stairs, the playground equipment and is practically running!! Around 11 months, he started cutting his first tooth. Now he's got two teeth, with a third (top front) on the way. He gives kisses, does "So Big!", plays Peek-a-boo, splashes in the bathtub, and feeds himself baby goldfish crackers (grunting for more if we aren't quick enough to put more on his tray).

Owen has come so far this year. The Lord has been so good!!

Happy Birthday, Owen!!


Brad and Janelle said...

Aww.. this one made me cry. You're right-- the Lord has been so good!

Cassie and Gerrit said...

Runty Owen has come a long way! And I'm so glad he has! I think he might be the new "boy wonder" (as mom used to call Greg).

Wendy said...

And he looks more and more like his daddy every day. Such a cute little bundle.

Jessica said...

Yes, he looks like his daddy! Praise God for His power!