Monday, July 14, 2008


Greg and the kids and I headed downtown this past Saturday for a music festival. Saturday morning, in particular, had activities and music/bands geared especially for children. Sophie got to do an art project (a moon & stars mobile)--it was terribly windy, so I had to hold it down.

We got to go inside Orchestra Hall where Sophie got her face painted (she'd gotten a tattoo outside already).

And the kids got to try out several different types of instruments.

We sat outside and danced to the music of the Teddy Bear Band. Even Owen got into the groove by shaking what his mama gave him. Sophie ventured down into the "mosh pit" of small children all alone to enjoy the band at a close range. She even danced with the Panda Bear mascot, which I did not get a picture of.

We walked a few blocks down the street to have lunch indoors--remember, it was crazy windy. As we walked back to Orchestra Hall to enjoy some more music, Greg defended the church of Scientology while confronting some protesters out on the street. Actually, the protesters were putting on a pretty lame protest, complete with cooky masks, heavy-metal music, and signs that made no sense. So, Greg chatted with them a few moments to see what their beef was (as it was not clear from their signs/antics), and then he told them their protest was dumb...pretty much. He said that was the first and last time he'll ever defend Scientology. And, of course, I didn't get a picture of that either!

We finished off the windy day with a lovely hot fudge sundae while listening to more music.

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