Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sophie's Buddy Calvin

Sophie's buddy Calvin used to live a few blocks down the road from us, and we'd run into him and his family at church and at our park frequently. Then his family moved down South. We keep up with them on their blog, but this week we got to see each other face to face while they're in town for a visit.

Calvin, brother Teddy, Kim & Ken (parents), and Grandma Patti came over today to play at the park and swim in our backyard. The kids had such a good time together. And we parents enjoyed catching up too.

Grandma Patti was even kind enough to allow the kids to bury her legs in the sand in the volleyball court.

Sophie and Calvin wanted to get some water from the lake to make the sand wet. But they couldn't reach the water through the fence and 10 feet of weedy shoreline, though they tried.

After playing at the park, we came back to the house to play in our pool and sprinkler. I didn't get any good pictures of that, unfortunately. The kids got cold, so we played in the house for a while too. Then we went back outside to have a picnic lunch together.

We had such a good time visiting with Calvin's family again! Thanks for stopping over you guys!


Gordon Magee said...

Carey...what a great couple of titles for a children's book: "Sophie's Buddy Calvin" or "Sophie and Calvin." And you could write it! :-)


Brad and Janelle said...

The pictures of them hugging are so darn cute!