Monday, July 21, 2008

Life's a Beach: Take Two

Saturday was a "No work for Daddy!" day, as Sophie and Greg like to call it, so we headed out to the beach together. Weekday evenings are just a little too short to make the haul there, unload all the beach gear, get wet, get dry, get the sand off, get changed, and get home in time for a bath before bed. So, we took advantage of a free Saturday morning and took Daddy to the beach. It was actually a fairly cloudy, windy, cool day, so only a little swimming occurred after we got warmed up at the really cool park nearby.

Since it was nearly lunch time when we finally ventured into the water, I didn't bother to get my suit on. I left the swimming to Greg while I took some pictures. He said he wondered how long I'd stall before I didn't have to go in the water at all. I was just trying to let the kids focus on him and get some quality bonding time with, I do this all the time...alone...and the water was cold.

Sophie showed off her "swimming" moves.

She had a great time splashing Daddy. Never mind the fact that she flips out if you do it to her.

Owen liked splashing too.

See? They had a great time! What did I need to get wet for??

After 20 minutes of swimming (they would have been finished by the time I got back from changing anyway), we finished off with a picnic.

I believe Owen was foraging for crumbs down there.


Cassie and Gerrit said...

Sophie looks like such a tough girl with her camo and "tat." And it looks like Owen is getting pretty brave in the water!

Brad and Janelle said...

Who's the pastey white guy with the farmer's tan??? Oh wait.. that's my little brother. Looks like a fun time!