Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Last weekend, Sophie and Greg went camping with Black Grandma and Grandpa. Owen and I could have gone along, but he's a little too "crawling around in the dirt eating bugs and rocks" for me right now, so we opted to stay home. I didn't think it would have been fun for me to watch Owen like a hawk at all times, so we sent Sophie and Daddy to a fun weekend away.

It sounds like they had a great time! They got to go fishing with Sophie's new princess fishing pole--big stuff!! I believe she liked playing with the worms more than the actual fishing. Good for her. They went swimming, had s'mores, ate in the camper, saw a parade, and played at Burger King. Huh??!! They had a very rainy day, so they headed into town to eat/play at Burger King for a while. Thank goodness for civilization!

They came home filthy and tired, but they had a good time. Owen and I were happy to see them. I didn't realize how much Sophie and I talk to each other all day until I spent 3 days alone with Owen--he's lacking in the conversation department. He also missed Sophie, crawling into her room and thumping her bed in the morning only to find she wasn't there. Poor little guy!

Check out the helmet/swimsuit outfit below...that's my favorite!!!

Worm in hand...

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Brad and Janelle said...

Blog days are my favorite!! I love the pose in the helmet/swimsuit picture.. :)