Monday, July 21, 2008

Lydia's Birthday Pool Party

Lydia turned 4 last week, and we were invited to her pool party to celebrate. Even Owen enjoyed the wet and wild fun! This picture was taken before he fell in headfirst and needed rescuing! (I was standing right next to him--it wasn't too bad)

The dollar store Nemo sprinkler was a huge hit. Mostly the girls stood outside of it watering sticks.

But not Owen. He jumped right in there. He loved it... until he fell to a sitting position with all the water spouts hitting him in the face. Then he was done.

Starting with Sophie, clockwise, Sophie, Marissa, Lydia and Eva.

Just like at home, Owen's hovering around the little table trying to be included... and possibly score some crumbs.
Very cute beach frosting, half covered in graham cracker crumb "sand." A drink umbrella and a Gobstopper beach ball. So fun!

Happy Birthday, Lydia!! Thanks for the fun party!

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