Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bear Park with the W's

We had an impromptu picnic with the W's this weekend. We all grabbed whatever fastfood we were hankering for and met up at "Bear Park" to eat and play together. We were hankering for Chipotle--Sophie had a quesadilla, which she was quite pleased with. It cost $0.80. We love Chipotle!

Owen was watching the big kids pay on a bridge over his head. He so badly wants to be a big kid.

See the rock pinched in his fingers? Yeah. He probably chewed on it for a while. He likes to do that with rocks. Until I come along and pinch his cheeks and dig them out of his clenched jaws.

Owen's little buddy Drew (Lydia's brother). Right now they like to stick their fingers in each others mouths and eyes. But someday they'll be good playmates like their sisters are.

Owen was grooving to the music coming from the other side of this fence.
"Sophie! Come down the slide! We'll catch you!"
"It's not scary!"
"Where is she??"

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