Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Donald's" Playland

Greg was away last night visiting his Grandma C in the hospital. She broke her ankle and needed surgery, but she is recovering well right now. Since Greg was away, the kids and I decided to go to McD's for supper and to play. This was the first time Owen got to have some fries to eat by himself. He loved them!! I think he was sucking them down whole! He also ate some of the apples (also a first) from Sophie's "apple dippers," so it was a slightly healthy meal.

While Sophie hooked up with some other little girls to play with in all the tubes and slides, Owen found the shoe rack and played with everybody's shoes. Or at least the ones he could reach.

Then he discovered the tubes and slides too. He just walked back and forth through this tube because he can't figure out how to climb up any higher yet. Which is fine with me since he'd likely get stuck in there and I'd have to climb in to rescue him. Those (stinky/sticky/dirty) tubes freak me out man!!

Owen loved the playland. He was mad when we had to go. When we arrived home, I hosed both kids off in the bathtub. Those tubes and slides are gross!! But so much fun!!

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