Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Corn on the Cob

Ah, yes. My favorite food of summer. I could eat a meal of just corn on the cob. In fact, my family used to (we're from Iowa originally). We finally had some for dinner last night, thanks to Great Grandma C, and it was so good!!

Owen got Sophie's cast-off cob to gnaw on for a bit. At first he didn't really know what to think about it.

So Daddy stepped in to help him out a bit.

Then he got the hang of it himself.

Sophie really enjoyed the corn too.

Thanks Grandma!! Feel better soon!


Cassie and Gerrit said...

mmmm, corn on the cob! We had some a couple weekends ago at Gerrit's parents house. I couldn't get enough! I'm glad you're training the children well!

Wendy said...

You don't have to be from Iowa to have C-on-C as a whole meal. Sug and I regularly have this as a whole meal. Gosh it sounds good.. I think I'll stop at Cub tonight and get some. =)